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Announcing Unstruck Sanctuary

It’s been a long while since I last posted publicly. As I announced on Facebook in 2022, I decided to pause—and pursue new training in support of a career and core life shift. Since then, I also packed up 23 years in Portland, Oregon and moved across the country to the magical Ozarks, just outside a spiritual haven named for its healing waters: Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

I started this post with a letter to the clients I worked with over the course of my trainings—that I wrote 2 weeks ago and kept finding excuses not to send, like how annoying is it that we get BURIED in emails at the Gregorian New Year? So here’s to diving into the cold, dark water and announcing my new venture: Unstruck Sanctuary.

What have you been learning into that you’re also afraid to, or not-yet-ready to, claim? What would be supportive? I’d love to hear from you.

I’d intended to reach out much sooner—to thank you for being a client, to check-in on how you’ve been, to share my training progress and my big life update. 

Instead, I kept letting my intention slide under the guise of how much I love quiet. I moved to the country for quiet. And still, I didn’t know quiet until the temps dropped below zero, and all the animals stayed in, and the wind paused, and I thought maybe, just maybe, I could hear a satellite sputter. What I heard instead was my Self whisper through the universe, “I am.”

For such a simple phrase, this one LANDED (in all caps). You see, all of last year I was “becoming.” I was in training, in transition, in burnout recovery, in healing.) So, I AM is uppercase big and new again and scary. I’m welcoming it with as much courage as I can muster, knowing that I will continue BEcoming alongside BEing. And I’m piercing my silence to share with you that I am a coach and healer. And I’m now taking clients in-person in Northwest Arkansas, and virtually for folx anywhere.

Gulp. It’s real now.

I went through two graduations last year; yet, I didn’t become a healer/coach during those ceremonies. I also didn’t wait for certifications (though intend on completing multiple). It “happened” when I listened to my soul and claimed it for myself. 

It’s not unlike when I claimed Musician. Someone asked me if I was a musician, and despite 20+ years of saying no/not really, I said yes. Instantly, I booked a show and started writing and recording. In addition to the work, it took my Self naming myself—and then actions unveiled themselves. Like right now, writing this long over-due email.

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