This is a cross-post from KrisMissJewel — a website created by yours truly as a holiday card for friends and family. Last year, my partner and I wrote and recorded a Christmas carol. This year, we’re re-releasing the same carol because it’s so dang cheery that I can hardly believe it came from me.

If you knew me when I was 18, you’d know that Christmas is *not* my holiday. My Christmas highlights of those new-to-college years include driving hours down a snowy and dark interstate to visit my brothers, visiting a boyfriend in a city not my own, picking up a Chuckwagon at any sad looking gas station open on Christmas, and meeting up with friends to play cards. Those years were marked with a curious combination of desolation and a desire to belong somewhere while not feeling an authentic sense of belonging anywhere. Fast forward a decade, and my highlights still include Christmases with friends and a particularly amazing one in Costa Rica with my girlfriend at the time.

Which is all to share that I’m adjusting to spending Christmas with family once again. I’ve been fortunate to have time to celebrate with some of my family as well as my partner’s family. He and his clan treat Christmas like my best friend does: with 1000% exuberance, strange yet comforting tradition, and JOY. I suppose they’re all rubbing off on me, for I’ve come to love a weekend marathon of cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies—despite all the criticisms I could rattle off about them. While it’s still not *my* holiday, I’m letting past grudges and broken hearts go … and I’m surrendering to some cheesy cheer.

Enjoy our song—from our hearts to yours. Full card @

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