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Open Mic America

Tonight I played my first open mic of 2021 and since the pandemic shut down all in-person events a little over a year ago. Grateful to Open Mic America for the invite and their mission to connect musicians across localities. What made this feel different than the virtual Songwriter Soirees I’d attended this past year? This one felt more like a stage with time for 2 songs vs 1 and some chit-chat and discussion in between. Still, I used this open mic as an opportunity to work on a new song I’m contemplating including on my debut album still in the works.

Incredibly, playing in front of a screened ‘live audience’ triggered my nerves more than I remembered playing in front of humans sharing the same space as myself. Much to ruminate on that as it relates to continued remote working and preparing to play fuller sets without a screen. Until then, will continue finding virtual spaces

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