The Wire on Wall Street

OK, I’ll admit it: I watch a little TV and I get all pumped up. (You know: excited, hyper, talkie talkie.) Watching Michael Moore drive down Wall Street in his armored car in Capitalist: A Love Story, I can’t help but think of Paulson as the Greek (or Senator Davis?), Obama as Carcetti

doing the cheery walk

Hmm, I’m going to keep watching the movie- but the next time I get some free time, I want to make my own Wire-Wall Street “Cast & Crew” chart. Maybe someone’s already started one?


Sure enough. I love how I’m never the only one with hair brained ideas. Check it out:

Its officially been one year that The Wire has been off the air. Erin Evans over at The Root has a good article on Wire withdrawal. Still we have to remember that one of The Wire’s biggest fans, Barack Obama is now running the country and is caught up in his own drama with situations and characters so interesting and complex it could’ve been written by David Simon. Here are some things that Barack Obama could’ve learned from The Wire. If the world was David Simon’s Baltimore, who would Obama be? Who would be Clay Davis and McNulty?


Before I finish reading, I’m putting in my initial votes: Obama-Carcetti. Davis-Paulson. McNulty-Michael More. I’m also glad to know I’m not the only one suffering from The Wire Withdrawal.

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