Qs and As

Who are you?

I am, above all things, a voracious learner. Depending on how little or well you know me, you may find the following tidbits interesting:

  • I’m an NT though I’m sometimes an NF. On either side is an I/E and J/P. One thing I’m never is “S.”
  • I’m a double Cancer with Virgo rising – sensitive and precise. I have water features and plants wherever I live.
  • My favorite, recent comment was from a new renter: “I haven’t felt this comfortable with where I was living in 7 yrs.”
  • I have a personal board of advisers and learn from listening.
  • “You’re right” often comes after I ask a question. I still haven’t figured out how questions can be right or wrong when asked with good intention.
  • I’m addicted to trying new things and prone to over commitment. Not sure if this is better or worse than my previous fear of commitment.
  • I was once the oldest child, then the middle child, never the baby.

How in the world did you turn out to be this awesome?

I’ve got some serious acknowledgements to share.

Where can I find that site from high school/college/whenever?

Fret not. Nothing on the internet ever dies. Ever.