Goodbye World.

I’ve been remiss in posting these past couple of days, only pecking at my drafts like a baby chicken hunting for worms.

Partly because I’ve been taken in by a summertime sadness and have always struggled being anything but upbeat and optimistic in public spaces. Partly because I’ve put off packing for my vacation and that in turn has driven me to fill my time with other things that in turn tire me.

Have you ever seen “Igby Goes Down?” (It’s on my top 5 favorite movies of all time after Beastmaster, Terminator 2, Sound of Music and Out of Africa.) While I don’t feel the pressure of the world coming down on me, I want to. I crave the freedom from responsibility to let my mind free, to succumb to the equally warming and icing idea that the world rests on my shoulders without the insulting voice that I’m but a speck of pollen on a bee’s foot. (If they can have knees, they can have feet.)


Always would be far too consuming and maddening.

Always, I struggle for a larger vocabulary to share my experiences and to relate with the universes that consume me.

So as I refuse to pack for my trip and say goodbye to my world as I know it for a short (LOOOOOONG) 10 days, I think about the dreams I’ve been having and can’t wait to see if the glaciers are as dark and striated as I saw them through the window of my train plane last night.

I have a feeling the next 2 weeks will be rather dreamlike as I float away on a boat that carries more people than the town I grew up in. (Can I call a cruise ship a boat?) So here’s to entering a dream. And hoping that I can finally pump my arms to fly.

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  • Kronda
    August 7, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    Have fun on vacation! I hope you return feeling a little more cheered. Looking forward to the pics.


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