Timber! Outdoor Music Festival in Pictures

A while back I posted a few reasons why you should consider putting Timber! Outdoor Music Festival on your calendar for next year.

After finally getting my photographs off my phone, a mostly mobile view of Timber! is ready for your ogling, reminiscing and vicarious living.

There wasn’t a single act I didn’t like. Even if I wasn’t at the stage, I was always somewhere close enough to listen and the entire getaway was worth the tiny trek up to Washington, even through Seattle traffic.

And just when I was getting nostalgic for Doe Bay, I spotted Joe clad in his humming bird polo, swaying next to the campfire stage and I thought: this is better than Doe Bay. (That is a hard thought to share since Doe Bay is both a magical place and adventurous festival. What Doe Bay did was start so freakishly fantastic, it couldn’t compete against itself. And I may say the same thing of Timber! in a couple of years.)

Saturday night’s campfire stage stole my heart and won Best of Show. Vikesh Kapoor sent me away to childhood, tiptoeing around the house as dad recorded his Bob Dylan vinyls to tape and Noah Gundersen had me falling in love with everything in the universe again. Especially the night.

What’s most peculiar about this photo album is that I didn’t shoot the weekend as an event. I didn’t use a single roll of film that I brought. I didn’t go for a variety of angles or any detail shots. I didn’t get a grand group shot like years past. What I did do was enjoy amazing company, music, wilderness and a mini vacation away from the city … all while shooting, processing and posting 90% of my photos from my phone. While it’s convenient, it’s not necessarily the most efficient. Were I to try and amass an album of this size again from my phone, I think I’d want to first import the photos to my computer and edit in bulk there. But then I wouldn’t be able to process photos into the wee hours from the comfort of bed. Though that might not be a bad thing.

to the photos!!!!

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