A New Direction

From a “life event” I posted on Facebook.

I’ve long been terrible at sharing what I do for work—people just know me as “busy” and it’s annoyed me for a long time…as I’d rather be the friend / aunt / niece / cousin / etc. you can count on to show up when you need an ear / hand / inspiration / energy boost / shoulder to cry on.

So, I’m both terrified and excited to share that I’ve closed a chapter on my 20+ year career in tech and business consulting. When I think about what will bring me joy for another 20-25 years, I realize my most favorite memories are those moments I was blessed to be a witness to someone else’s AHA, healing, and transformation. And I’m reminded of a moment that changed my life—when my boss sent me to a leadership training at ±25 which happened to be based in somatics. I didn’t immediately drink the kool-aid, but it led me to therapy, martial arts, physical fitness, emotional sobriety, spiritual connection, and a life of love-based healing and adventure vs the perpetual freeze and fear-based existence I’d been stuck in.

And thus, I’m going to be spending the next year becoming a wellness professional to help folks heal from trauma (it’s possible!) and reintegrate as a somatic therapist and coach. I will continue to be “busy” for the foreseeable future—with classes, studying, and a lot of catchup on everything I’d let slide in the pursuit of other people’s goals and needs… but it’ll be a different, much chiller “busy”.

I’ll be staying in Portland and look forward to reconnecting with my communities and hosting anyone wanting to visit my blooming sanctuary. If you read this far: know that it’s never too late to learn new tricks—and you deserve all the fulfillment and love you desire in life.

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