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I rang in the new year with a commitment to self love, compassion and dating. My last relationship of 7 years dissolved near the end of 2018 and I took 2019 to rediscover myself through a lot of solo travel, travel with friends, language learning, music, new fitness fun and a career shift. It only made sense, then, that 2020 would be the year of clear vision.

While I started the year with open mics and an interest in learning how to better write, sing and compose music (and produce an album), never in a million years did I anticipate making a Christmas album. I rarely even listen to Christmas music, let alone decorate or celebrate. But something about being “stuck” at home, far from family, and physically separated from friends made Christmas a time to look forward to–a time for rest, recovery, and gratitude for everyone adding light, learning, and inspiration to my life. The idea of being able to be with people in spirit through music grew into a gift I was willing to spend a few sleepless nights for.

As I told some friends: had I known how much work this would be, I probably wouldn’t have started it. But I’m beyond grateful I didn’t know and did it. My Christmas miracle? That my new relationship grew over the course of this project despite some hiccups and tears.

To everyone reading and listening: here’s wishing you the best of this holiday season. May you feel comfort despite a break in traditions. Like the rest of this year (and as this project taught me), we will get through life together even when it feels like we won’t. Thank you for your resilience, compassion and support.

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