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An IxD Manifesto

Advocates for Real People in Interactive Systems

I have a dream that one day on the golden hills of Silicon Valley and in the lush shade of Silicon Forest, business and organizational leaders will sit at the table of processes and system design, build and operation with REAL PEOPLE.

Let’s face it. In today’s fast paced world, when everyone’s faced with more decisions than ever and at an accelerating pace, we can’t afford to keep forgetting that those “users” we either need to collect data from or push data to (via our web site, application or larger organizational process) are REAL PEOPLE.

Think about yourself on a busy day. If you have to spend too much time trying to figure something out (like how to submit a form, or purchase that perfect gift) then chances are likely you’re not going to do it. And what about if you have to spend hours doing something that should take only 15 minutes? You’re likely to put that task off, or not get as much done in your week as you could. Your organization loses money and you lose valuable time.

That’s why I focus on the REAL PEOPLE. I believe everyone deserves a few extra minutes with their kids, pets, friends, family or self every day. Time I can easily give everyone via intuitive interfaces, well defined data and easy interactions.


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