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I Spy: a fresh look around a space that i see every day

Having lived with myself forever, I rarely stop to think what it must be like to live with me. Turns out “it’s an adventure” and I “don’t do things like most people.”

Quite possibly.

In part one of taking a first look at what I see every day, this is what I found and these are the conversations (with myself) I had.

  • Champagne Corks for Door Knobs
  • Champagne Corks for Wall “Hooks” (I see a trend…)
  • Door Knobs for Curtain Ties
  • Empty Picture Frames for Fancy Walls

(Update: I did this post from my phone, so the layout is experimental … my explanations as the maker of the way things are are alongside the photos. My observations and questions as the visitor are below.)

  • Cool cabinet knobs. Do these work? Did you drink all the champagne to have the knobs or did you make knobs because you’d already drank the champagne?
  • There’s no pictures in the frames, yet I like the wall. Mentally, I fill in the frames with a variety of photos starting with puffy paint sweaters and 80’s backdrops reminiscent of high school mug shots and family portraits. I wonder if you meant to leave it this way or have a hard time finishing projects?
  • Did you do these before the kitchen or after? How much load can these handle? I think I’d like to try these for jewelry or curtain ties.
  • Absolutely love the look of this! Where on earth did you find the old knobs?

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