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Find Summer Scavenger Hunt 2012

On June 30, 2012 my friend, Melissa, and I decided to send our friends out on an epic and rainy scavenger hunt, only to end up in a rainy park, crowded under a tiny tent and rows of colorful umbrellas to celebrate our existence. It was a very Portland “summer” celebration.

The Teams:

  • The Fogs – On foot, this adventurous crew had us all riled up with a valiant (and on-time) start. Despite a small phone failure, they forged forward building fairy house after fairy house. Luckily, I had *just* received a solar phone charger for my birthday so they were able to recharge after the finish line & get their photos in.
  • SBF – They put in a valiant effort to cross the finish line first, but forgot to go for the EXTRAs. Their commitment to the bonus mile gave them a fighting chance, however, and some sweet picts at my favorite Hydro Park.
  • Team Won – Spent their time well crafting the Most Creative shots, sending them home with bragging rights. See: tire swing & scene from “Rubber” … I see a theme …
  • Cross Knitters – They may have started late, but they made up for it with their fearless attitude approaching strangers and tracking down some of our favorite shots. (Hello, strangers making out!). Since they didn’t know they had already won by the time we started tallying (a little shy of 7), they racked in a few final extras just for fun … to go along w/all that beer.

The Hunt:

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