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How I fixed my Canon 2Ti Card Reader

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. – Krispy Kreme founder.

It took me a few hours to disassemble and tinker with my Canon 2ti to fix the card reader. The problem? Anytime I inserted a memory card into my Canon 2ti, it would say that the card was locked. I tried a variety of cards, always confirmed that they were NOT locked and my Nikon would read them just fine. 

I took a look into the card reader itself since a memory card had recently jammed and I figured it was something mechanical. It’s a small space, so I spent some time lining up some bright lights and sure enough, when I got a good peek in there, I spotted what I presumed to be the metal arm used to detect whether a card is in the locked position or not. It seemed to me that it was simply bent, though due to the small space, it was difficult to know how it was bent- or how to bend it back.

So I went through the fun process of taking the camera apart so that I could get better access to the card reader space and tinker with that arm. From some googling, I found that a few people had also had this problem and reportedly were told it would be a few hundred dollars to fix with a certified Canon technician. I did not take video of myself taking it apart, though I will recommend using tape to keep track of screws as you disassemble. I like to arrange mine in groups that mimic their placement to aid in a quick reassemble process.

Once I got inside? Turns out that the circuitry is arranged in a way that I still had limited access to the card reader. To take the reader out completely, I’d have to detach some ribbons and I wasn’t fully prepared to do that, so I simply used my trusty paperclip to fiddle with what I was calling “the arm” and after many tests including one in which the camera wouldn’t boot at all – I finally got it to read the card as unlocked! My camera was once again ready for action.

For more exciting info on what I found inside, check out my Instagram post.

OMG I’m happier than a school girl on a snow day. Took a few hours, but I finally managed to fix my Canon 2Ti that stopped working due to a card reader error (my diagnosis). While I’m not confident my fix will last forever, I sure hope it lasts long enough to sell it. Anyone know anyone looking for a used camera?

Jk! This one’s my baby now.

So… The toshiba chip got me googling and I read about toshiba and canon’s joint efforts in 2005 to make SED displays, before LCDs became the prominent technology, despite some claims of superior display and lower power requirements. Seems those efforts dissolved in 99 so I’m left to wonder if there’s any toshiba-canon connection left. Anyone know, care or interested to #geekout?

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