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An ANSI Photo Experiment: you can too!

I could make ANSI art all night when it’s as easy as uploading a photo to Hacker Tools. And I can see myself in a not too distant future spending more time perfecting the auto-generated graphics to be just what I want. For no other purpose than to relive my Contra days.*

This brief adventure came about by a post on Twitter by the always interesting @furtivecode. I had long been a fan of ASCII Art, from the days when I had to learn how to type on (gasp) a typewriter from a teacher who John Hamm studied and styled himself after to be Don Draper.* So of course I was both shocked and immediately interested in playing with ANSI.

And this is what happened a short hour later. Some photographic “studies” using a modern day color palette, the original ANSI palette, variety of figures and contrasts. Can you match them up to the originals? There will be more!







* Not really

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  • Jewel
    August 29, 2013 at 9:25 pm

    Hope you like the extra awesomeness the ANSI photos lend by extending past the page margin.


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