How To

How to Kill Lethargy

1. sign up for Aikido seminar – if you pay enough money while you are unemployed you will guilt trip yourself into going

2. go to Aikido seminar – ok, so you’ve already paid and taken Friday night off … but Saturday morning you find yourself wanting to skip it anyway. (maybe you can say you were sick and get a refund?) the hardest part is getting started.

3. breathe

4. don’t listen to techno – you’ve made it through the morning and first 1.5 hr session. you’ve eaten a high-carb lunch in preparation for the next 3 hrs. keep the energy levels up and skip out on the techno in the local coffee shop.

5. attend all sessions – ok, so you stumbled on the techno by accident and find yourself tired again. no matter what, close the laptop and go back.

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