le hungry @ le happy

Last night, the girls and I kicked off a ladies’ night extravaganza with delicious martini’s at the Vault. With happy hour prices at $4, the savory Geisha, with saki, ginger infused vodka and lime juice, and the sweet Happy Lady, a blend of vanilla vodka and lemon, were our favorites.

Le Happy was the best venue to satiate our joyous appetites and adventures. MacKenzie and I mirrored each other, both ordering the dirty martinis that weren’t dirty enough for our palettes and mushroom and gorgonzola crepes with the tiniest scrap of steak on the side. Lucky for us, the cute waiter comped us for the steaks, as he shared our surprise at the dinky size. For those new to Le Happy, there are dishes for the cost conscious and payday spenders. In Portland fashion, they offer a “Le Blanc Trash” crepe, bacon and cheddar, with a side of Pabst. And when you visit, be sure to check out the guest book. Melissa’s French came in handy as we left our lasting comment.

The most delicious moment came with Elisabeth’s homemade blackberry pie, complete with fresh picked berries! And then we were off to check out Pi-Rem, which, unfortunately, wasn’t hopping yet. So we took our dancing-ready bodies back to the east side (just in time, as the suburbannites flooded downtown) to Holocene. Despite the hipster bar being overrun with frat-n-wannabe-retro-punks, tiny dance floor, we wrangled and grinded into our own little space.

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