Congratulations John + Amelia

New Parishoner

John and Amelia Mlnarik

JT on the Vinyard

JT on the Vinyard

A few weeks back, my cousin John graduated from law school and the following day, they baptized his daughter, Amelia.

The entire weekend was bliss, sunshine, family and inspiration. I was lucky enough to meet up with my aunt, Susan, and her son, Nick, who were flying down to San Francisco from Seattle. After we got our car, we met up with Tricia and the Nebraska gang, Shirl, Don, Joan, and Tom, for some winery tours. Little J.T. loved playing with the vinyard’s puppy. I’m not sure who was better or more enjoyed fetching.

Saturday and Sunday were whirlwinds of celebrations. John inspired me with his valedictorian speech and proof that dedication, passion and a positive attitude pay off. I wasn’t prepared for mass, but having the priest raise little Amelia overhead as he welcomed her to the parish was pretty cool. It even topped the moment I realized that I wasn’t going to burst into flames as I entered a church for the first time in years.


Amelia Mlnarik, Baptized

For more pictures of the occasion, check out this album on Facebook.

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