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Family Fun, Black Butte and Bend

I’m alive. Just been lazy with the computer. Summer is just so much more fun spent outside, on the beach and in swimming pools.

This week my uncle Paul invited me out to Black Butte, just outside of Sisters, OR. My friend, Kyle, and I drove out late Tuesday night so we could get in a game of Scrabble (in which I scored over 300 pts) and get up at the crack of dawn, er, noon. Cousin Liz came out with Skylar and Bella and we all enjoyed the resort’s outdoor swimming pool. After several games of ring toss, keep away from Skylar and shark tag the chlorine began to burn the eyes and I had to wuss out.

That night Kyle grilled up delicious sausages (Andouille, Chicken and Turkey) and asparagus and Kiki, Paul’s girlfriend, sautéed brussel sprouts that turned out to be the party fave. Unfortunately, Liz and the kids had to leave that night, so the remaining four of us battled out a game of Spades. After a few yummy sweet and spicy drinks, we’d all had enough and called it a day.

The next day I checked off a major to-do-before-30 and played a game of golf! OK, so it was more of a round of hitting lessons at the driving range followed by practice on the greens while Paul played a single game of 9-holes. And it was fantastic and fun and I’m definitely going to play golf again. And I want my lawn to look like the putting green.

Kyle and I then drove into Bend and visited with his parents, his sister and an adorable mud-faced nephew, Gunner. I was exhausted from golf, so was excited to sit down to a decadent snack at Typhoon (where, conveniently, my friend Elisabeth’s brother is the GM). Unfortunately, we missed Ben, who snagged a chance to leave the restaurant early and left my cell phone behind.

You can imagine my distress the next morning (only yesterday) when I realized I had no cell phone. That meant 3+ hours of driving back to Portland without the internet and without a phone. If you can’t relate, think back to Pee-Wee’s Great Adventures and his fervent cry after asking “what’s wrong with this picture? It’s just me … withOUT MY BIIIIKE!!!”

Good news is that I was able to get a cheap temporary replacement, made it to my hair appointment only 5 minutes late and got a call saying that someone found my phone. And even if they hadn’t I still would have written down this week as one of the best, as time with family and friends can never be lost.

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