Bisbee Bound

It’s been an adventurous week in Tucson. After a few days of cold, rainy and snowy weather, the sun finally got my memo and came outside. I even burned a little while attending a beautiful outdoor wedding yesterday and could feel the Vitamin D production. (In hind sight, this was critical to surviving my last night in town.)

I have so many stories and posts to share – and will – and for now am leaving you with a short note to say that all the strangers I’ve met in Tucson have been completely awesome, friendly, helpful and sincere. In fact, as I was riding in the back of a Tucson police car a few thoughts kept circling through my head, including: if I’d only kept talking to strangers, this never would have happened.

No need to worry. The ride was a friendly offer in lieu of a taxi and, despite it being uncomfortable, it was free. (I hesitate to include this, for fear my phone will be ringing off the cradle, so a note to all my friends and family – I’m in no trouble with the law, have found a new rock strength in the desert and am still healthy with no injuries: so fine in all senses of the word.)

On the recommendation of said sweet people, I’ve got some new places to check out and a potential rock-climbing partner. A peek at my upcoming weekend*:

Saguaro National Park and Desert Museum – I’ll make it before closing this time
Kartchner Caverns
Cochise – recommended for climbing

* When you don’t have a job, weeks and weekends blur.


  • admin
    February 11, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    Yes, let’s call it my little drama teaser. This writing stuff takes more time than I’d allotted. Stay tuned…

  • Mel
    February 11, 2008 at 9:37 am

    I’m glad you’re not in jail! Sounds like you have lots of great stories.


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