Sick on/of the Road

Alas, the high elevations have eroded my immune system. Or perhaps it’s the jerky and sunflower seed diet. Or unhygenic food service workers. Or suspicious hostel kitchen and bathroom. Or just plain winter boohoo.

Whatever it is, I’ve been nursing an achy neck, runny throat (you know, when the snot rolls out the back of your nose and not the nostrils) since my second afternoon in Santa Fe. Lovely, yes, and your welcome for sharing. It’s partly why I lost patience with Amarillo in less than one night and essentially skipped it. (Except for the Big Texan, where folks with trained stomachs can try for a free 72oz steak if they eat it all in under an hour.)

Oklahoma City is gemstone in a closed mine. Supposedly it’s only deserted because it’s Monday, but I heard that same excuse in Amarillo for Sunday, so I’m suspicious. Despite few cars on the roads and barren sidewalks, I manage my best conversations in days with a couple of homeless and another couple visiting from Washington. (I think this is the city after an atomic bomb and we are the few survivors … there aren’t many, but we’re all friendly with each other.) OK city boasts scenic parks, waterway and various districts, my favorite being Bricktown.

Now I sit in Witchita Kansas, where I’ve just found that I have bonus points I can redeem for a free night at the local Holiday Inn – and I may just skip the local hoopla (of which there isn’t much again – suprise) – for a good dose of Nyquil.

PS. Oklahoma and Kansas have won the #1 Sunset Award for the trip so far. Their scenery and night lives may be dull, but their skies know how to put on a good show.

PPS. Blame the sickness for all poor grammar and spelling.

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