Sugar Pine Karaoke

Saturday night in the mountains (outside Spa Mom), gives me a glimpse of small towns to come. (I imagine desert akin to mountain.) Saturday night, the local Sugar Pine boasts karaoke, and, on a whim, I sweet talk my brother and mother into venturing out for some fine entertainment.

With only five or six people singing (and only two to three more drinking), I take the excessive mic time to try out handfuls of new songs … and settle my nerves of being in the spot light. I still prefer Elisabeth’s rendition of “Crazy on You” and make a note in my phone to do Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason” again … somewhere in the South.

We each take our turns, sometimes performing encores, clapping graciously for others and accept praises of being “such a talented, singing family.” (Too bad, we forget to do our acclaimed “Edelweiss”.) My mom smiles a lot tonight – she’s proud I’m letting loose a little (and doing duets) – and I’m having fun turning the tables. (It feels good not having to be the responsible one!) I keep my family and the bar laughing … Mom’s right – a little vodka goes a long way.

At the end of the night, I know this will be one night of karaoke that will not be forgotten. Even though folks tell me people are people everywhere, the Sugar Pine has me excited to meet more strangers. (Though I can do without the Woodies: those suckers have me feeling sick on Sunday!)

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