Don’t Mess with Texas and Happy Easter

It’s true and I’m sad. After raving about the friendliness of Texan highways, I received my second speeding ticket this trip. And it gets worse considering I never received my renewed registration stickers and lost my ID in Austin. Oh, and the speed limit changed from 80 to 70 only 10 miles before. Warning all Texan drivers: truck speed limit is always 70, so when you see speed limit signs saying “70” look hard – it may be for you, or it may not be.

Luckily, my mother didn’t let that ruin my day. I woke at Marfa’s Mystery Lights rest stop, to photograph a Prada store in the middle of no where and a dying town, Valentine (not to be confused with Valentine, NE) and chase a UFO I now think may be a weather balloon. A few hours later, I stopped off in El Paso and learned some Spanish from some adorable parking lot attendants. “Quiero tomar una photo?” Along with “Como se llama?” I nabbed what I hope will be awesome photos and stories of locals. Bummed that I couldn’t go into Mexico, I left as soon as my 2 hr meter expired and made it to Tucson at dusk, rarely breaking the speed limit.

After a home cooked meal and 2 glasses of Texan wine, I crashed out early. I’m sooo glad to be out of Texas. Now I’m drinking the BEST bloody mary’s ever – compliments of the BEST bartender in Tucson, Hannah @ Hotel Congress. Thanks again Michelle & Joel – your friend rocks … maybe even a little more than I do.

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