Rock Against Alziemer’s 2011: Not to be forgotten

In what will live on as one of the most memorable shows of the year, Rock Against Alziemer’s raised an unforgettable amount of money and awareness around a disease that affects many loved ones. And they did it by lining up the best show I’d seen all year.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the event which I shot on a Nikon F3 with Ilford Delta 3200, a trusty Ikoflex before the sun went down and a Cannon 2Ti with some borrowed lenses which were very hard to give back (a 1.2 fixed 50mm plastic lens and a 3.5 zoom wide angle). A few things learned about shooting a stage and dark room full of people:

  • Setting -2 EV on the digital allowed me to trick the light meter and get the exposures I wanted while still picking up detail in the shadows.
  • Setting -2 EV on the film camera did not.
  • When shooting for an event, vs for fun, I need to move around more. It’s fine and dandy to zone out and enjoy the music but if I don’t move, my pictures don’t, either.

The full event by pictures can be found @ Flickr along with info on who’s who. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out the event next year.

girlfriends at bar barEmpire Rocket MachineKelli SchaeferScott McCaughey w/the Minus 5Fernando Viciconte

Rock Against Alzhiemer’s in Pictures

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