therapy = no health insurance

This has turned out to be a doozy of a week. First, a client of mine laid off all contractors and cut back employees. Very sad despite how much cut backs were expected.

Then I received a letter from ODS saying that I was declined the health insurance I applied for over a month ago, because I answered “yes” to having ever gone to therapy. In the box provided, where they wanted to know what ailment I suffered from, I wrote: “trauma. somatic theraphy – not covered by insurance. not sure this is even applicable here. call me with any questions.”

MeditationI figure most of us have had a traumatic childhood or past at one point or another, so it seemed like an OK answer. I haven’t been diagnosed with any mental illness, learning disorder or personality disorder which is what I figured they were going after. I just want to learn new behaviors so I’m not stuck in the mind of a freaked out, frustrated and bitter 16 year old for the rest of my life.

Now I kick myself. I should have known to lie: “Nope, never gone to therapy. I don’t believe in a person’s ability to mature emotionally, nutrition’s role in physical and mental ailments or one’s right to better their experience of life.”


Apparently, their take is that people who seek out support and guidance are more likely to get sick or need a doctor or file a claim. Only my experience has been quite the opposite. Take, for instance, a friend who suffered from chronic headaches and muscle pains (she had an arm like Dick Cheney). She went to doctors and no one knew what was up. She then took a week long meditation retreat and “magically” the pains went away and she could move her arm again. Or a friend whose severe migraines stopped recurring after a few months of therapy. No more doctor visits, copays or claims needed. Hmmm…

I’m utterly confused. When will this country get its head out of its arse?

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