Stopped for the Alamo, Stayed for the Margaritas

It’s official, I’ve left Austin and as soon as I take a break in Tuscon, I’ll write up all the glorious braggings.

In my travels westward, I hadn’t planned on doing much in San Antonio apart from checking out the famous Alamo. When I got there, however, I fell in love with the River Walk and all the cafes serving drinks on the water. A friendly cashier informed me that this week is Holy Week, so the city gets a lot of visitors. And here I thought Texans borrowed siestas from the Spanish to match the architecture. If I worked here, I’d be sure to drink on lunch and nap in the sun.

So I spent a long afternoon meandering along the river and watching the ducks. Unfortunately, I forgot to plug the meter, so I came back to my 3rd ticket this trip. (2 parking, 1 speeding) So I chose to keep on moving forward in my western migration towards Del Rio.

The Texas welcome sign commands, “DRIVE FRIENDLY, it’s the TEXAN WAY!” To my delight, I received full hand waves over the midwestern 2-finger waves; cars hugged the right shoulder and slowed down for passing vehicles; and both trucks and cars flashed their lights to warn of speed traps ahead. For all the shit I gave Texas on its heaping portions of food (I only have 1 more week to lose the Austin fat!) I had to give Texas a heaping thanks for keeping the roads friendly. I don’t need any more tickets!

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