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Birds of Costa Rica

Maybe it was the “Birds of North America” book that laid by my dying grandfather’s bed in his living room, or how we spent hours watching for and identifying birds through those windows … but I grew into my twenties fascinated by birds. Some day, I think, I’ll be a real birder. For now, I’m happy that our modern day birds don’t have teeth (like their ancestors) and I simply laugh at the % of vacation photos that have birds in them.

Reconstruction of Iberomesornis romerali, a toothed enantiornithe, from Wikipedia.

And so like with the Birds of Kaua’i, I give you the Birds of Costa Rica. (Does she see a Quetzal? you ask. Scroll down to find out.)

Alas, I did not see a Quetzel. Thus, it’s imperative I return to the region some day. Birded out? Check out non birding Costa Rica adventures on my Flickr set.

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