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Birds of Costa Rica

Maybe it was the “Birds of North America” book that laid by my dying grandfather’s bed in his living room, or how we spent hours watching for and identifying birds through those windows … but I grew into my twenties fascinated by birds. Some day, I think, I’ll be a real birder. For now, I give you the Birds of Costa Rica, as I’ve been able to identify them.


Stranger Q+A

If you received a mini photo and question, you’re invited to post your answer here. You’re free to share as little or as much information about who you are and the question you received. Thanks for sharing!  

An ANSI Photo Experiment: you can too!

I could make ANSI art all night when it’s as easy as uploading a photo to Hacker Tools. And I can see myself in a not too distant future spending more time perfecting the auto-generated graphics to be just what I want. For no other purpose than to relive my Contra days.* This brief adventure…

Falls Creek Falls

Not much to say other than OH MY LAWDY I just saw the most beautiful falls that I’ve ever seen. Better than the one I climbed in Maui, better than the Jurassic Park opening scene, better than Niagra. Falls Creek Falls, creatively named for both the creek and the falls. Without further ado, some photos…

Caught on Macro: Watching a Spider Kill a Wasp

The highlight of my trip to Estacada today was playing with my make-shift macro lens in an attempt to photograph a bee or a wasp, only to catch it getting caught for brunch by a peculiar spider. (I sometimes take off my lens, turn it around and hold it against the camera body with my…

“Put a Bird on It” – visitors to Kaua’i

On my recent trip to Kaua’i, I spotted more birds than several of my visits to Maui. This could be due to the large number of roaming Red Junglefowl, or that once I started looking, I couldn’t stop. Of all the birds I did notice, it seems a majority were brought here over the past…

Ride By: pt 2

A trio from a ride to Kennedy School one fine Saturday. As the sun began to set, I found myself wanting to peer inside windows and catch glimpses of people settling in next to lamps and fire lights. Instead, I realized I forgot my own bike lights and did my best to pedal on. I’d…

Ride by Shooting: Take 1

Warning: do not try this at home nor on the streets w/out proper helmet and balance. Compared to last week’s experiment, from the “safety” of my car, I found that I was less likely to capture people from my bike. Instead, I focused on architecture or waited until I was comfortably seated behind a book…

drive by shooting: 2

Last week I posted some new photos from a 1 day photo project: browse Portland by car. Before I post photos from this weekend’s shoot: “Ride by Shooting”, here’s a few more from the safety of my car. Click here to view the first batch. [view on flickr]

How To Make Your Own Animal Picture Holder

Not long ago, in a land called Photojojo, some folks cut little plastic animals in half to make photo holders. And since I had some 99 cent figurines from the party store lying around my house (from an old house party, of course) that project had always stuck with me. Luckily, a friend’s birthday crept…

drive by shooting

A one day photo project: browse Portland by car. It’s easy to get caught up in traffic when sitting behind a steering wheel, so I decided to take a deeper look at what I’m not seeing when I keep my eyes on the bumper in front of me. Here’s a few of my immediate faves…

Mr Quackles, a Lonely Duck

This past weekend, I went with some friends to Astoria for the 25th Anniversary of the Goonies celebration and was blessed with a day of sunshine, delicious food at the Columbian Cafe – without a doubt, the best brunch on the Pacific Coast. As we checked out the “for sale” sign on the house next…

Talk to Strangers: Portraits of America

Artist Reception: Aug 3, 2009 Jewel Mlnarik, a local artist and digital media and project consultant, shows a selection of her black and white photos from a road trip across America. The portraits, a selection from her Talk to Strangers series, explore the commonalities threaded through us all. Swing by Echo Restaurant before August 12…

San Fransisco in Pictures

Been a while since you’ve visited the city or never been? Check out some cool scenery and take a walk down impressive Mural Alley. And while you’re there, help me figure out some intriguing found plants. San Fransisco (and Outside Lands Festival) in Pictures.

Photo Games

How timely that I should receive an email touting a handful of games for photo geeks, just days after chatting up with friends how much I absolutely LOVE and need games in my life. (Athletic, competitive, card, dice, board, etc – NOT of the mind variety.) So I decide to join “Mission 24” on Flickr….

Strangers: Portraits from the Road

Browse through top candidates for my “Talk to Strangers” photography project, still in process. This represents roughly 70% of film shot. Click on the “LINK” link in the viewer below to add your comment or feedback to any photo.

Timelapsed Photography

Another quick attempt to procrastinate on engaging entries, here’s another shot at the “picture a day” project. So check it out and come back in a year and see how mine develops.

Home w/the Kitties: a music video

Being back in Portland has me cuddling my kitties more than usual, and laughing at funny little animations like this one. I’m glad I didn’t catch this while I was away, or I would have died just missing little Zelda’s face pawing.

Talk to Strangers Road Trip

Febrary-April 2008 Wow, who would have imagined how much time it’d take to develop and parse through 30 rolls of film and over 1,500 digital photos? Fine, laugh away… Good news is that I’m slowly getting there and willing to share my portfolio and albums along the way. Just remember they’re not complete and I…

San Diego and Jack Johnson

Just a quick update that I’m alive and very well in southern California. My best girl from Portland, Elisabeth, met me here on Tuesday and since then we’ve managed to hit a couple of beaches, tour Wildstorm comics, an offshoot of DC and kill karaoke not once, but twice. My new favorite karaoke bar is…