Yahoo: may you do to Tumblr what you did to Flickr

Make it Better

I recently found myself tired of having so many experiments out in the wild of the internet – sites I’d created for one test or another, collecting dust and confusion. So I decided it was time to kill them. And to kill them, I just needed ONE.

My dream: one, easy-to-use site where I can write and stash proof of new experiments, travels, dreams, and life. From this ONE site, I can push the content that I’ve created and own to any site or service my heart desires. I’d then be able to pull from this central content repository to feed my portfolio and project sites, thus filtering my own content to build cohesive and focused experiences. 

I spent quite a bit of time on Tumblr tonight, with the expectation that could be that site.

My reality: I poorly assumed that one could search Tumblr. Turns out that one can only search tags – and by exact match only. Because I can’t take back this time, I can only hope that Yahoo! brings its search skills to Tumblr. They recently transformed Flickr into a site that’s usable by fixing the display to meet the needs of their photographer audience … so here’s to hoping they can fix Tumblr.