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2 cents on opening an Etsy shop

It’s been a crafty autumn and while I can’t quite share all of the details (since the gifts have yet to be given) I can share a little ditty about opening an Etsy shop.

  1. While it’s about as easy as Apple Pie (as, let’s face it, Apple Pie requires a crust which can be tricky), it still takes time.
  2. Product photos matter. I tried some shortcuts and ended up putting away the iPhone for the trusty DSLR. Oh, and waiting for the morning light is worth it. Artificial lighting is like a boob job. It takes a bunch of time for something that will never be as good as the real thing.
  3. Communicating with customers is kind of scary the first time when you’ve never used Etsy yourself. Buy something on Etsy before you open a shop. You’ll thank me for it later. And if you’re wondering what to buy, check out my store.
  4. Pin it! It really is the one social networking site that sells.

And that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. I entered the world on Cyber Monday with a few pendants and somehow got a sale a short couple of days later after close to zil promotion. I wish I could tell you she LOVED her necklace … but I haven’t gotten any feedback yet. And I haven’t made all the updates I swore to myself I would. (The ones listed are using glass and I’ve moved on to resin & vintage chains.) Because, let’s face it, I’m not a shop owner. I’m a maker and a photographer and a daydreamer and I spend all of my managerial energies at work. So consider this a plea for a partner in crafting crime.

Can’t wait for this holiday season to pass so I can share more.


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