Heatwave and Leaving Portland

Summer has hit Portland, finally! Yesterday temperatures reached 96 F while John and I rode around Portland in search of a fountain and a happy hour. If you haven’t visited the sunken rose gardens in North Portland, do it! Our super find of the day was “Liberty Glass”, a block south of Fremont on Mississippi. A brother and sister duo opened the cozy, cool and well decorated old “Hula Hands” house only 3 weeks ago. I was bummed to have to miss out on a full dinner and strawberry-rhubarb crisp dessert.

Now I sit in air-conditioned PDX, waiting for my plane to be cleaned so we can board and leave early. I know what you’re thinking: why leave Portland NOW that the sun’s finally staying out and temperatures well over 80? My brother’s graduating high school tomorrow, in Maryville Missouri. So, if luck stays on my side, MO will welcome me back with hot, humid hugs. Traveling with a few t-shirts sure beats lugging around winter gear and jackets!

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