Monthly archives: May, 2008

Congratulations to new Parents!

Just a quick shout out to two courageous families, who brought 2 beautiful baby girls into the world recently. Marley Denise Ballman graces Minnesota with her undoubtedly vivacious (even if only 1 month) soul. I’m so excited for Derrick and Melissa, 2 of the chillest and creative cousins I know. And I can’t wait to…

Heatwave and Leaving Portland

Summer has hit Portland, finally! Yesterday temperatures reached 96 F while John and I rode around Portland in search of a fountain and a happy hour. If you haven’t visited the sunken rose gardens in North Portland, do it! Our super find of the day was “Liberty Glass”, a block south of Fremont on Mississippi….

Photo Games

How timely that I should receive an email touting a handful of games for photo geeks, just days after chatting up with friends how much I absolutely LOVE and need games in my life. (Athletic, competitive, card, dice, board, etc – NOT of the mind variety.) So I decide to join “Mission 24” on Flickr….

Strangers: Portraits from the Road

Browse through top candidates for my “Talk to Strangers” photography project, still in process. This represents roughly 70% of film shot. Click on the “LINK” link in the viewer below to add your comment or feedback to any photo.

The Little Dog Laughed

“[…] to see such a sight, and the FORK ran away with the spoon!” Luckily, my “virtual valet” reminds me that I have tickets for this Thursday’s (last night’s) performance of “The Little Dog Laughed” at Portland Center Stage. More gold at the end of the rainbow: I convince a friend to change plans and…

New Bike, New Burst of Energy

After 4 trips to bike shops and 7 test rides, I went back to the first store I visited (twice yesterday and twice today) to buy my new love. This “starter” road bike possesses strength, radiates beauty and invites all, who pass by, on an energizing yet not exhausting 40 mile ride. This is my…

In the End, Everyone is a Loser

“In the End, Everyone is a Loser.” – Andrew Ross Sorkin (new york times) on today’s/tonight’s Charlie Rose show. Some may argue he was talking only in reference to the botched Microsoft-Yahoo deal, but the twinkle in the wunderkind’s eye illuminated omniscience.

Big Fish in Little Pond

Yep, that’s right. I caught a big fish with a little goldfish hook and spot-on training from my baby brother Jake and my dad. My favorite quote of the eve was from Jake after I asked, excitedly, what to do once I felt a tug on my line. “Well, do you want to CATCH it?”

How to Kill Lethargy

1. sign up for Aikido seminar – if you pay enough money while you are unemployed you will guilt trip yourself into going 2. go to Aikido seminar – ok, so you’ve already paid and taken Friday night off … but Saturday morning you find yourself wanting to skip it anyway. (maybe you can say…