Day 5: Glacier Bay

It’s not until tonight that I realize the Princess Patter has sunrise listed, so I once again underestimate how early the sun rises this far North. This evening I’ll  be jovially mocked for rising early so as not to miss the glaciers (moving at glacial speed), though they claim to have announced that we won’t reach the glaciers until noon. Being mocked en mass is oddly comforting, still, I won’t know about my faux pas until much later.

Now it’s just me against the fog and it burns off quickly. Everyone who’d been to Alaska before warned me of the rain and lack of sunshine, so I’m not quite prepared for what the day delivers. Bright sun, warm breezes and a ship full of photographers make for my longest day yet of walking. Faye and I stake out prime spots on the promenade where a Princess paparazzi bombard us with pleas for poses against this glacier and that glacier and the magnanimous backdrops. After the umpteen decline, they finally recognize us and stop asking.

While the glaciers seem like little more than snowy crevasses from afar, as the cruise ship gets close we can see the colors pick up and splashes of icebergs breaking off into the ocean. They suddenly tower and hint at an ice age that was as recent as 20,000 years ago. (I have some history to learn!) Needless to say, I take several photos and enjoy an evening at sea, watching the glaciers fade into the sunset and trying to avoid picturing them fading away forever.

Glacier Bay


All Glacier Bay, Alaska set on Flickr … I hope to share the panoramas soon.

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