Hipsters, Fixies, Protestants & a Video

Just today I was asked to “explain this fixies hipster bike thing vs whatever is not fixies hipster” and I think I did a fine job. Then, as a cherry to top it off, I found this video that I just have to share. Enjoy!

oh yes. the fixies are rather simple: when the pedals move, the tires move in the same direction. and when the tires move, the pedals move. this means NO COASTING down hills. no coasting = “crazy.” they’re meant to be track bikes – for flat, circular races. no gears = less weight = faster. oh, and most fixies don’t have brakes. since you don’t need brakes in a race…

i’m pretty sure the hipsters adopted the fixies since it means you must be kewl to [1] know about track racing; [2] knowingly use a device against it’s intended purpose; [3] embrace danger and awkward brilliance (a friend of mine used to use the heal of his shoe as a brake); [4] want to work hard for “fun”. (have you noticed that hipsters are all about that old American Protestant ideal that you must appear to work hard to deserve any of life’s splendor? They give no kudos for folks who devise a way to work “smarter” rather than “harder”…)

And your dessert…

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