Hope is Alive

Admist the celebrations, fireworks, live music and cheers one thing rings clear in the night America calls Obama their 44th president elect: hope is alive. For some, this is the first ray of hope they’ve seen in a long while. For others, this is the empowerment they’ve been passionately pushing for years. I am excited at the possibilities we’ll continue to see as we embrace this new attitude.

I think Nate Silver over at, put it eloquently in his post on the “Pandemonium After Obama Victory“:

There was no sense of anger, or rivalry, no sense that the enemy had been vanquished. There was, rather, a tremendous sense of empowerment in the notion that someone more like them was going to take up residence down the street: someone younger, someone blacker, someone poorer, someone who knew that the majesty of America exists not just in the tranquility of its small towns but also in the bustle of its cities.

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