Why you should check out Timber! Fest Next Year

After a whirlwind weekend, I’m finally home and semi-breaking the rule of no computers in bed as I type this post into my phone (via an external keyboard). For more information on Timber Fest! see my eponymous post (coming soon).

1. It’s very well organized. So well that unless you take the time to think about the wizardry, you wouldn’t need to because it was such smooth sailing. Despite a minor inconvenience of having no potable water at the main stage (thus requiring a brief hike back to the water station by the bridge), the layout and physical logistics were superbly thought out and designed. Talent hiccups were well handled and schedule adjusted smoothly. Entering the festival over a wooden suspension bridge set magical expectations and the planning committee delivered on the magic.

I’m confident that this year’s experience will inform next year’s decisions, thus making next year only better. (To which point I’ll be curious to see how they handle the pack-in-pack-out theme + plastic cups used for sale of alcohol after the kanteens ran out.)

If you enjoy being close to the main stage, bring a sun shade, umbrella or straw hat.

2. Scenic with room to explore. I may have mentioned the suspension bridge in #1 and it’s worth mentioning again as it served as a gateway to a beautiful park of trails and refreshing river. I definitely don’t feel like I did all the exploring I can do in the area and am excited to return with hiking shoes and kayaks.

3. Lo-fi. Even though most folks had reliable cell phone coverage and the ability to post, tweet, share and play on the internet, most didn’t or kept it to a minimum. I was stoked to find the glow in the audience during Helio Sequence due to regular, old fashioned pocket lighters and not cell phones. On the old fashioned front, I even spotted folks using film cameras. I can’t wait to see the picts. (I’m attributing this to a mix of having a Friday start with minimal options to recharge devices and the power of nature to help us unwind.)

4. (A Tie) Amazing Vendors + Awesome Graphic Design. Even though I packed in what I needed for the weekend, I couldn’t help but accept a bite of the famed Gyros. As delicious as were rumored. A root beer garden, ModCloth tent, stylish merch and other vendors were conveniently placed yet not overwhelming or detracting from the scenery (see #2).

5. (Another Tie) It’s inexpensive and conveniently close to Portland. And the lineup was a good balance of folks I’d seen before and jaw dropping newcomers I’m excited to add to my library.

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