Why Photography?

Recently, I found myself wondering why it is I photograph. It’s something I’ve wanted to re-engage with, without really knowing why. And I needed a strong connection to make the time for it I’d need to commit. I was surprised at my self-serving reply:

to find myself, or a place for myself, in this world that is a billion realities

where do i already exist? where am i missing? what’s new. what’s familiar. and what’s in between. the nuances in relationships between times, space and people. where i can disappear and what’s ultimately mine. studying the laws of the universe around me so i can both adapt and take form, and try on the infinity of rules so i can feel comfortable existing.

I don’t know that I’ll ever be comfortable, for as soon as I master a new realm (be it a social circle or new activity) I’m already thirsting for something new. This insatiable hunger for experiential learning (I’m not someone to sandbag on your trivia team) propels me so long as I don’t hide in my fears.

And that’s me: Photographer as a healing, mental and spiritual practice. A social confidante.

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