Vitame Vas 2007

It’s been a few years since I’ve maintained a site, so no promises of fresh content. Most exciting happenings of the past 3 years include my new nephew and godson, Marley Devin Holzer; Josh and Jake visiting Portland; and my various trips visiting family, friends and solo road-trips.

2007 marks my 6th year in Portland.  I’m not sure what’s more surprising – that I only planned on being here 2 years and haven’t left or that I’ve fallen in love with this city.  Over the years here I’ve started a company, closed a company and bootstrapped web “softwares” for two companies from scratch.

This year I’m looking forward to a 10 year reunion, securing a passport and traveling outside the US … that trip around the world is only 5 years overdue and 13 years making websites and applications is wearing.

For those wanting to view the old picts, the site is still available at (and goes through 2004)

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