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Strangers: Portraits from the Road

Browse through top candidates for my “Talk to Strangers” photography project, still in process. This represents roughly 70% of film shot. Click on the “LINK” link in the viewer below to add your comment or feedback to any photo.

Ask Jewel

Is there something you’ve just been dying to check out or want to know? Like, what’s the best city for karaoke? Price of gas in some podunk town? Or if they’re still selling that one shot glass you need to complete your collection? I make no guarantees I’ll get around to everything, but you’re welcome…

Google Earth Roadtrip Map

Places and Recommendations

Goal here is to catalog places to stay, to visit, people to meet, live music and other interests. Here’s a list of major cities along the way (see “The Route” page for more previous post). Check out the Map Arizona: Phoenix Tucson Hotel Congress Mt Lemmon Texas: El Paso Austin Houston Louisiana: New Orleans Mississippi:…

Google Earth Roadtrip Map

Talk to Strangers: the route

Follow me across the deep south, up the rust belt and along classic route 66. I’ll do my best to keep postings as I travel but don’t expect me to move fast. The new car only has a v4 and all my talking to strangers will have me stopping in every town/village/city/gas station along the…