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Stranger Q+A

If you received a mini photo and question, you’re invited to post your answer here. You’re free to share as little or as much information about who you are and the question you received. Thanks for sharing!  

Talk to Strangers: Portraits of America

Artist Reception: Aug 3, 2009 Jewel Mlnarik, a local artist and digital media and project consultant, shows a selection of her black and white photos from a road trip across America. The portraits, a selection from her Talk to Strangers series, explore the commonalities threaded through us all. Swing by Echo Restaurant before August 12…

Strangers: Portraits from the Road

Browse through top candidates for my “Talk to Strangers” photography project, still in process. This represents roughly 70% of film shot. Click on the “LINK” link in the viewer below to add your comment or feedback to any photo.

San Diego and Jack Johnson

Just a quick update that I’m alive and very well in southern California. My best girl from Portland, Elisabeth, met me here on Tuesday and since then we’ve managed to hit a couple of beaches, tour Wildstorm comics, an offshoot of DC and kill karaoke not once, but twice. My new favorite karaoke bar is…

Save a Family, Change a Tire

No, it’s not as exciting as riding a cowboy, but helping people gives me a boost of energy even when I’m burning in the hot, desert, Texan sun. (And I like building up the Karma account when I can’t build up the bank account.) As I leave Sanderson, TX all jazzed from my tuna snack…