Monthly archives: November, 2020

Why is music so nostalgic?

A long time ago, someone told me that smells are the strongest triggers of memory. Yet I’ve never cried nor laughed at an odor the way I’ll react to music—and it can be music I’ve never heard before. Still, a simple melody or haunting vocals will transport me across time and space to polaroid moments…


Carol of the Bells and Ring My Bell

As I was working on a cover for the holidays, I stumbled into mashing it up with Ring My Bell. We’ll see where it goes. Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Stay Home for the Holidays

With the pandemic resurging across the states, I’m not terribly surprised that when I set out to come up with a holiday jingle that this came out. It’s rough. Nothing was written when I started playing … and this is the PSA I created. Maybe it’ll make it into this year’s holiday “album” I’m working…