Monthly archives: May, 2009

MOPPING + DIPPING Billy Stubbs Pit Boy BBQ Sauce

I snagged this recipe from Blackbird Wine Shop’s newsletter. When it comes to BBQ, I look to Billy Stubbs Texas Pit Master. He is my own mentor when it comes to grillin’, smokin’, chillin’. Stubbs schooled me in the way of the sauce like the Black Obi Wan Kenobi. I went with it. On faith….

A Poem for Summer Coming

Jack Spicer woke my wanderlust soul this morning with a poem. I appreciate the almost beat while staying off the beaten path. I think John Mayer read Jack Spicer. And I think mornings are suitable for thinking and elegies, for  mourning. Jack Spicer is dead. Here is a snippet. Get the whole thing on….


How I Fixed my HP C5180 Printer

September 2013 Update: I’m so glad this has helped so many people! Over the years, a few folks have posted additional info in the comments, so I recommend checking out the great tips especially from Mike & Jim if the Hard Reset isn’t what you’re looking for. After several weeks of no working printer, I…

Exquisite Fare, Recession Style

2017 Update: This is the letter that kicked off a succession of annual dinner parties. Hi, Many of you have heard me talk about this crazy dinner party idea, where we get a fabulous chef (or chefs) to come cook an exquisite dinner for a group of us. And all we have to do is…

a perfectionist at 12

Another one from the archives. 3.26.08. Funny how fast we grow and life changes in a year. Would be embarrassing if it weren’t honesty. when i was 8 i wanted braces – i’d make my own with paper clips. when i was 10 i wanted contacts – i’d suck on ice and put it in…

desert poem

From the archives. 2.3.08 if i’d have known you as a Saguero, i’d have hunted for your flowers at night: suckled stamina, swam in scents, and kissed each sweetly good night – before they close in morning (for eternity?) if i’d have known you as a Vampire, i’d have been seduced into the quagmire of…

Design Your own Notebooks

The venerable Moleskine-style notebook may claim the likes of Picasso and Hemingway among its past users, but an Oregon-based printing and publishing company recently launched a new alternative that offers the added appeal of eco credentials and customizability, and squarely targets (artistic) minipreneurs . Pinball Publishing’s Scout Book is a pocket-sized notebook with saddle stitching…

Poem for your Pocket

Weaving by Paul Otremba I’ve tried to sift a truth finer than salt from my mouth. It matters: I get up or I do not. The books can wait, leaves burn themselves these days, and the day begins or it does not. Now wingless, a wasp masquerading as the sun crawls— more »