Monthly archives: August, 2008

San Fransisco in Pictures

Been a while since you’ve visited the city or never been? Check out some cool scenery and take a walk down impressive Mural Alley. And while you’re there, help me figure out some intriguing found plants. San Fransisco (and Outside Lands Festival) in Pictures.

Mixed Tape

Fun stuff at Outside Lands: we got to make our own “mixed tapes.” Check it out.


Outside Lands Highlights

Time confuses me. After 3 days of energetic music, I can barely remember who I’ve seen. (Luckily, I snapped some photos.) My legs are jello and my eyelids are locked. A dream already, fragments of the music float by, in no particular order. You can also check out more acts and photos over at StereoGum,…

Bury My Heart in San Francisco

No time to explain. The last time I sat down to blog I spilled coffee and killed my laptop. At the time, I had visions of expanding to music and technology and had some witty commentary on the gmail and at&t outtage. Now I sit across from Melissa in a secret garden, preparing to walk…