Interested in Receiving Free Intuitive Healing Bodywork?

In the physical plane, this looks like you lying on a comfortable, warm, massage table for 45-60 minutes—fully clothed. While this is intended to be a healing space for you, it’s also intended to be a learning space for me, so a practicum session may involve more talk as we check in with what we’re sensing (bi-directionally). As such, these practicum sessions count towards my certification and are free of charge.

I’m still learning what this is and how to talk about it. What I know now:

  • It’s not massage. The level of touch, when used, is light.
  • It’s not therapy. Our bodies hold emotions and memories. We hold space for allowing, witnessing, acknowledging, and appreciating all that arises and is. That can be powerful and ‘enough’ for a big emotion to pass like a wave. Crying, sighing, laughing, singing, breathing—release is OK. However, if you’ve recently experienced trauma and/or struggle with emotional regulation, please avoid engaging in a practice session and seek trained, professional, support.
  • It’s often restful. How often do you treat yourself with an hour of the day that’s all about you, your comfort, and your brilliance? Your body is brilliant. It’s kept you alive, it keeps you safe, and it holds your desires, divinity, and love. Giving your body an hour to be witnessed and held can feel nourishing, spiritual, restful, and/or loaded with self-care.
  • Healing and change are paradoxes: they require us to fully accept what is before receiving and experiencing what may be next—and that starts with awareness. With awareness, we can tap into our compassion, empathy, love, and gratitude—which can then release our current state, allowing it to continue its journey and freeing us up for what’s next. In the context of somatic bodywork, this can feel like gentle pressure to bring awareness to a physical space which can then invite acceptance and gratitude which then can release—but only if the intention is not to release or force change. This is how light touch can yield deep change.

If you’re interested in being a practice client for me and/or my classmates, please let me know by filling out the following form and I’ll be in touch. If you feel called to further support my class, please share this page with a friend—as the wider variety of folx we can practice with, the better. And, the bigger list we can grow, the more time we can spend practicing vs marketing. ♥♥♥

ps. A little bit about the Somatic Intuitive Healing Certification Program—it is a 300 hour somatic therapy training and certification prgram from The Center Of Somatic Intuitive Healing in Portland, Oregon. This modality blends somatic therapy practices, craniosacral therapy, energy healing, and yoga therapy. You can learn more about ethics and code of conduct at